Green Amber Marquise Earrings

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  • Blue amber emits a very agreeable smell (aromatic molecules), which is different from regular amber when it is being cut and polished.
  • The process in blue amber is surprisingly similar to phosphor.
  • Hydrocarbons in the blue amber shift the suns ultraviolet light down in frequency, resulting in the glow of blue amber.

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Discount price: US $24.94 ($5-$64)

Overview: It was thinking since 1850s that rosin that became yellow-brown was produced past tree diagram Pinites succinifer. Additional lately, it has been proposed, on the grounds of Fourier-transform infrared emission FTIR analysis of yellow-brown and resin from alive trees, that conifers of the family Sciadopityaceae were responsible for. The only extant spokesperson of this family line is JP umbrella ache, Sciadopitys verticillata.


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